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"Based on our experience, there are no studies that evaluate delays due to discharge medications needing to undergo the PA process. Thus, in our pilot study, we both aim to define the scope of this problem by surveying resident physicians as well as provide an intervention to identify earlier medications that will need to undergo a PA process. Pharmacy-led interventions in processing PAs have resulted in a statistically significant benefit in improving time to PA approval, fill, and pickup.5 Therefore, in our intervention, we utilize a specialized 'transitions of care' (TOC) pharmacist to analyze the medications of patients who are predicted to be discharged and alert the medical team of potential medications that may need PA approval, with the intended effect that this process will start long before a patient is actually discharged."


This article was originally published in California Journal of Health System Pharmacists, volume 30, issue 3, in 2018.


California Society of Heath-System Pharmacists



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