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Vancomycin has a complex pharmacokinetic profile and carries potential risks for nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. The pharmacokinetic profile in elderly patients significantly differs from that of younger patients. It is common practice in many institutions for pharmacists to intentionally round serum creatinine levels to 1 mg/dl in elderly patients with levels <1 mg/ dl to avoid overestimating clearance and toxicities. This can potentially lead to underestimation of creatinine clearance, and subsequently lead to vancomycin under dosing. The aim of this study was to evaluate vancomycin target trough attainment and the time to trough attainment with vancomycin dosing per pharmacy in elderly patients.


This article was originally published in Journal of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice, volume 65, issue 2, in 2018.


Journal of Contemporary Pharmacy Practice/California Pharmacists Association



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