Final Report of the 2016-17 Bylaws and Policy Development Committee

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The AACP Bylaws direct the Bylaws and Policy Development Committee (BPDC) to ensure that resolutions, position papers and similar proposals to the House of Delegates that seek to establish Association policy or action are appropriate and ready for consideration by the House. The Committee is also charged with responsibility for receiving suggestions for alteration of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation or the Bylaws, preparing appropriate amendments in suitable wording that is consistent with the current Bylaws, and for presenting such proposals, together with the Committee’s recommendations, to the House of Delegates for consideration. This report contains eight adopted statements/ resolutions of policy, seven referred statements/resolutions of policy, adopted amendments to the AACP bylaws, and adopted modifications to AACP cumulative policies.


This article was originally published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, volume 81, issue 1, in 2017. DOI:10.5688/ajpeS14


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy