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Hydroxyapatite-collagen composite is a prosperous biomaterial in reconstructive surgery for the reparation of defects within human hard tissue. Within this research, three-dimensional blocks of HAp/collagen composite biomaterial were synthesized by homogenizing the HAp/collagen mixture by cold and hot (T=60oC) pressing (P=49 MPa). The changes in the system were followed by using thermal analysis (DSC & TGA), FT-IR spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The identification and kinetic analysis of appearing phase transition were done. FT-IR spectrum of the biocomposite shows that neither cold nor hot pressing had significant influence on the individual components of the composite. SEM of the fracture surfaces showed that more intimate contact between the phases happened during hot consolidation. The obtained results suggest that the native structure of collagen molecules was destroyed, but the primary structure was maintained. Such a mild modification of collagen molecules can possibly lead to elimination of antigenicity effects after implantation of this kind of biomaterial into human body.


This is a pre-copy-editing, author-produced PDF of an article accepted for publication in Materials Science Forum, volume 413, in 2003following peer review. The definitive publisher-authenticated version is available online at DOI: 10.4028/


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