Distribution of Functional P2X1-like Receptor in Isolated Rabbit Arteries

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AIM: To clarify the distribution of functional P2X1-like receptors in rabbit arteries. METHODS: Isometric contractile responses to noradrenaline (NA) and a,b-methylene ATP (a,b-meATP) were observed in the arteries isolated from rabbit renal (Re), femoral (Fe), saphenous (Sa), mesenteric (Me), splenic (Sp), and ear (Ea). RESULTS: The maximal responses to NA (Emax·NA) varied among the arteries in an order of Re>Fe>Sa>Me>Sp>Ea. After standardization by the maximal response to KCl (Emax·KCl), however, the values of Emax·NA/Emax·KCl in the six kinds of arteries were almost the same. EC50 values of NA in arteries were different, and the EC50value of NAin Me artery was 54 times that of Fe artery (PSa=Fe>Ea>Sp=Me, and the values of Emax·a,b -meATP /Emax·KClwere still different (FeCONCLUSION: There are functional P2X1-like receptors in the six kinds of arteries used, and the vasoconstrictive responses regulated via the receptors are Fe


This article was originally published in Acta Pharmalogica Sinica, volume 23, issue 8, in 2002.


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