Creation of a Dynamic Question Database for Pharmacokinetics

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Based on a model proposed by AACP Academic Affairs Committee(1), effective teaching normally involves the development of outcomes, pedagogical strategies to provide students with the opportunity to learn, and assessment tools to verify the achievement of the outcomes. Among these tasks, the development of validated and appropriate assessment tools to accurately test the achievement of specific learning outcomes is, perhaps, the most challenging and time-consuming task. In areas such as social sciences and humanities, most textbooks have an instructor's edition which includes an exam database of a large number of questions. However, most, if not all, of the available textbooks for the professional pharmacy education lack question databases. Therefore, pharmacy educators usually need to develop and validate their own assessment tools.


This article was originally published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, volume 64, issue 4, in 2000. DOI: aj640417.pdf


American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy