On-Line, Individualized, and Interactive Pharmacokinetic Scenarios with Immediate Grading and Feedback and Potential for Use by Multiple Instructors

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On-line (web-based) pharmacokinetic modules were developed for 25 topics in basic and clinical pharmacokinetics. The modules consist of spreadsheet files, relational databases, and dynamic web. Instructors use a web browser to set up their class list, set/edit preferences (e.g, due date) for each module, and create on-line and e-mail reports of their students' works. Students use a web browser to create an individualized assignment (scenarios without solutions) and unlimited practice problems (scenarios with solutions and graphs) and to submit their answers and receive immediate feedback. A test of the effect of innovation on students' learning in a basic pharmacokinetics course indicated that the innovation caused a significant improvement in learning (similar to 10 percent), compared with traditional use of assignments in a paper format. Additionally, students' evaluations of the innovation were extremely positive. The innovation was also successfully used by instructors and students in two other sites. The innovation may be used as a tool in active learning strategies in pharmacokinetics courses, without a significant time burden for the instructor.


This article was originally published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, volume 63, issue 3, in 1999. DOI: aj630317.pdf


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