The Relationship Among Pharmacokinetic Parameters: Effects of Altered Kinetics on the Drug Plasma Concentration-Time Profiles

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The learning tools used by this instructor in a pharmacokinetics course offered to entry level PharmD students are presented for the topic of relationship among pharmacokinetic parameters. These tools consist of specific outcomes/objectives, a reading handout, a practice problem as a focus of in-class discussion, several online web-based computer simulation modules, a take-home online assignment similar to the in-class practice problem, and an online in-class quiz. Except for the quiz questions, students are provided with all the tools in advance of the class sessions for this topic and are expected to attend the class prepared to discuss the practice problem. The class time is then devoted to the discussion of the problem and simulations by both the instructor and students, with minimal didactic lecturing. The students will take a quiz at the end of the class and submit the online assignment by midnight of the day the class is held.


This article was originally published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, volume 68, issue 2, in 2004.


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