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PURPOSE. To develop an isolated perfused rat liver model to study the hepatic disposition of cyclosporine A (CyA) in both sexes.

METHODS. Livers were isolated from male (n = 6) and female (n = 7) rats and perfused with a physiological buffer in a single-pass manner. A bolus 1-mg dose of CyA was injected into the inlet catheter and periodical samples (0-15 min) were collected from the outlet perfusate. The concentrations of CyA in the outlet perfusate, collected bile (0-15 min), and liver tissue (at the end of perfusion) were quantitated by HPLC and subjected to statistical moment analysis.

RESULTS. The dilution curves of CyA in the outlet perfusate exhibited unusually long terminal phases due to large volume of distribution of the drug (~100 mL/g) and its slow release from binding sites in the liver (net release rate constant of ~0.020 min-1 ). This was in contrast to the rapid uptake of the drug, indicated by significant amounts of the intact drug (>40%) taken up during one single pass through the liver. Consequently, the liver tissue:perfusate distribution ratio of CyA was very high (~220). No significant differences were found between the male and female livers in any of the estimated parameters.

CONCLUSIONS. The tissue binding of cyclosporine A is substantial, slowly reversible, and gender-independent in isolated perfused rat livers.


This article was originally published in Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, volume 7, in 2004.


Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences



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