Queering Consequence: A Framework for Liberatory Logics

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We will begin with a brief summary of Robin Dembroff's analysis of the concept "genderqueer" as a gender critical kind, using Dembroff's account to formulate a framework for logically revisionary gender critical kinds (i.e., gender critical kinds whose resistance to the gender binary requires rejection of the dominant, presumably classical, logic). After developing this framework, we will use the framework to taxonomize a number of extant attempts to argue for logical revision based on feminist concerns (including Val Plumwood, Gillian Russell, Maureen Eckert, Ashley Tauchert, Rory Collins and Becca Kosten), using the framework to tease out important commonalities and differences between the various approaches. Finally, we will look at some novel, purely technical questions that are raised if one wants to develop a thoroughgoing account of gender critical logical kinds.


This presentation was part of the Orange County Inland Empire (OCIE) Seminar series in History and Philosophy of Mathematics in spring 2024.