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"A global pandemic, 6,332,783 Covid19 cases, 376,041 deceased and counting, riots in the streets of every major American city, recession on the horizon, 40 million jobs lost, a devastated world economy and more. This is pretty much the world we are ALL living in across the globe and sometimes it is impossible to escape the news. If it is not on TV, you will catch it on any of your social media platforms, if not on any of these two, you will get it through a text from a friend or as you chat with another.

Amid all of this, one may ask: "How can I continue to be productive, positive or optimistic and also take care of myself, my family, friends and pets?" I am writing this today not to preach optimism but to encourage us all to "Stay in our lanes" as my friend artist Allison Adams put it so well together."


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