Project Developers and Central Committee Members:

  • Dr. Lindsay Shen, Director of Art Collections
  • Dr. Lisa Leitz, Delp Wilkinson Professor of Peace Studies
  • Essraa Nawar, Library Development Coordinator and Assistant Librarian

Additional Committee Members:

  • Marcus Herse, Guggenheim Gallery Director
  • Dr. Amy Buono, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Jessica Bocinski, Registrar of Art Collections
  • Dr. Rafael Luévano, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
  • Claire Treu, Peace Studies Student Assistant
  • Laura Silva, Wilkinson College Web, Media, & Publicity Coordinator
  • Dr. Ruben Espinoza, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Sandra Alvarez, Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Dr. Georgiana Bostean, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Health and Policy

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