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Performance Date

Winter 11-17-2019


01 Introduction

02 "Wake Ev'ry Breath and Ev'ry String" (round) from The New England Psalm Singer

composer: William Billings

03 Introduction

04 "Tempus est iocundum" (cour d'amours) No. 179 from the Codex Burana (11th Century)

composer: Anonymous

05 Introduction

06 "Belle, bonne, sage" (rondeau) from Chantilly Codex

composer: Baude Cordier

07 "O Rosa Bella" (chanson) from the Chansonnier Cordiforme

composer: John Bedyngham

08 Introduction

09 "Agnus Dei" II (prolation canon)

composer: Josquin des Prez

10 Introduction

11 "Basse dance derrière"

composer: Hieronymuss Bosch

12 Introduction

13 "Salve Radix" (circular 4-voice double canon) from the British Library, MS Royal 11 EXI

composer: Richard Sampson

14 Introduction

15 Sphera Mundi (circular 6-voice double canon) from the Vienna Bull Codex

composer: John Bull

16 Introduction

17 "Los Bastones de Borgoña" (enigmatic canon) from Book of Masses

composer: Juan del Vado

18 Introduction

19 Solomization and The Hexachord System

composer: Festa Junil

20 Introduction

21 Counterpoint 104 on "La Spagna" (soggetti conati)

composer: Costanzo Festa

22 Introduction

23 "Now, oh now I needs must part" (madrigal aka "The Frog Galliard") from the Firste Booke of Songes

composer: John Dowland

24 Introduction

25 Epitaph of Seikilos

composer: Anonymous

26 Introduction

27 "Le harpe de melodie" (virelai) crom the Chantilly Codex

composer: Jacob de Senleches

28 Introduction

29 "Tobacco is like Love" (French tablature) from Musicall Humors

composer: Captain Tobias Hume

30 Introduction

31 Carnarios (Italian tablature) from Instrucción de música

composer: Gaspar Sanz

32 Introduction

33 "All'ombra all fonte" (villanelle with guitar alfabeto) from Primo Libro di Villanelle

composer: Giovanni Kapsberger

34 Introduction

35 Hallelujah (4-shape note hymn)

from The Sacred Heart

composer: Anonymous

36 Introduction

37 "Allemanda" Part 1 from Sonata no. 12, "The Accention"(scordatura) from the Mystery Sonatas

composer: Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

38 Introduction

39 "Allemanda" Part 2 from Sonata no. 12, "The Accention"(scordatura) from the Mystery Sonatas

composer: Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

40 Introduction

41 "Come l'onda furibonda" (chamber cantata aria) from Stravaganze d'amore

composer: Benedetto Marcello

42 Introduction

43 Canon super Thema Regium ("Crab" Canon)from A Musical Offering, BWV 1079

composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

44 Introduction

45 Lilliputian Chaconne from the Gulliver Suite

composer: Georg Philipp Telemann

46 Introduction

47 Brobdingnagian Gigue from the Gulliver Suite

composer: Georg Philipp Telemann

48 Introduction

49 "As vesta was from Latmos Hill descending" (madrigal) from The Triumphs of Oriana

composer: Thomas Weelkes

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