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February 17th, 2019 Saxophone Ensemble (AUDIO and VIDEO))

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Performance Date

Winter 2-17-2019


01 Introduction et variations sur une ronde populaire composer: Gabriel Pierné

02 Talk

03 A Week in October composer: John Scott 03a I. Monday, 20th 03b Movement II Introduction 03c II. Tuesday, 21st 03d Movement III Introduction 03e III. Wednesday, 22nd 03f Movement IV Introduction 03g IV. Thursday, 23rd

04 Talk

05 Hector, Desmond and Titus composer: Damon Zick

06 Talk

07 Three for Four Sax Quartet composer: Damon Zick

08 Talk

09 Nada Pero Máquinas composer: Damon Zick

10 Talk

11 The Goldrush Suite composer: Jack Marshall 11a I. Sweet Betsy from Pike 11b II. The Days of '49 11c III. California Stage Coach 11d IV. Used Up Man 11e V. What Was Your Name in the States? 11f VI. Lousy Miner 11g VII. Joe Bowers and California Bank Robbers

12 Talk

13 Nuages Scherzo composer: Eugene Bozza

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