Date of Award

Spring 4-16-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Film Studies

First Advisor

Kelli Fuery

Second Advisor

Patrick Fuery

Third Advisor

Federico Pacchioni


Recognized as the fourth industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence is poised to take the film industry by storm. While the current applications of it help streamline production practices, its escalating employment in the generation of film scripts and visuals complicates notions and functions of authorship and new media aesthetics. This thesis examines the unique junction of Cinema and Artificial Intelligence, where experimentation is not only celebrated, but also necessary in order to re-evaluate the conditions of new media. By analyzing the ways in which three films co-written by Oscar Sharp, Ross Goodwin and an AI negotiate with Foucault’s theory of the author function and the aesthetics and existing circumstances of new media, this thesis begins to construct an identity for an emergent form of cinema, the AI film.

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Creative Commons License
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