Date of Award

Winter 12-2023

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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Renee Hudson

Second Advisor

Dr. Nora Rivera

Third Advisor

Dr. Jan Osborn


The Dictator Novel in YA Latinx Fantasy explores the power of the dictator novel in Latinx literature, specifically within the young adult fantasy genre. Drawing upon the work of Jennifer Harford-Vargas to examine the relationship between the forms of power and the power of the narrative form and how this creates ways to defy and rebel against repressive authoritarian figures. The young adult Latinx fantasy novel calls for a challenge to the authoritarian presence that occupies these imagined worlds that reach beyond the cycle of oppression and injustices that have silenced generation after generation. These YA Latinx fantasy novels use the role of the authoritarian presence as a means to fight against social injustice, redefine identity and self- acceptance, find community, and discover/create new futures. This paper will explore the representation and expression of latinidad within the Latinx young adult fantasy novels, and how it has impacted and been woven into the authors' work through the characters’ lives. The dictator novel in YA Latinx fantasy provides a unique lens through which authors can explore and challenge repressive authoritarian figures while also showcasing the beauty and resilience of Latinx culture and individual identity.

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Creative Commons License
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