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The Social Compass Curriculum (SCC) was investigated for its effectiveness in improving core social skills in three descriptive case studies of students with autism. Treatment fidelity of the SCC was also measured in the school setting. The Social Responsiveness Scale and the Autism Social Skills Profile were completed by parents to measure pre- and postintervention social skills for three students aged 8 to 11 years who participated in the present multisite pilot study. Fidelity of implementation data were collected via a checklist during observations for three educators who implemented the intervention. Results indicate that the SCC improved core social deficits based on standardized rating scales measures. Fidelity observations revealed that 83% of teaching components were completed correctly after 3 hr of training. The results of this study aligned with the National Autism Center’s call for ongoing research of school-based interventions and school-friendly interventions for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).


This article was originally published in SAGE Open, volume 3, issue 4, in 2013.


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