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Winter 1-2024

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Whitney McIntyre Miller

Second Advisor

Kevin Nguyen-Stockbridge

Third Advisor

Kris De Pedro


More than half of all students in public schools identify as Students of Color. However, there is an underrepresentation of PreKindergarten (PK)-12 Administrators of Color in public schools, including Latinx men administrators. Furthermore, the literature on the experiences and leadership practices of PK-12 Administrators of Color has mostly been on Women of Color and has utilized a phenomenology or case study research design. Therefore, this study sought to address these gaps in the literature by examining the experiences and leadership practices of Transitional Kindergarten (TK)-12 Latinx Men Administrators by centering their voices. This study utilized a Latinx Critical Race Theory framework, a Critical Race CounterStorytelling, and Narrative Inquiry methodology as a lens to examine the educational, life experiences, and leadership practices of TK-12 Latinx Men Administrators in an in-depth and meaningful way. The counterstories of this study derived from individual, semi-structured, open-ended interviews and revealed the participants’ perseverance through discrimination as Men and Educators of Color as well as their culturally responsive leadership practices. The findings of this study also suggested implications for practice for TK-12 public school districts and higher education institutions.

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