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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Michael Hass

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Kelly Kennedy

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Marisol Arredondo Samson


The primary purpose of this study is to determine how mentoring correlates with job satisfaction for library employees in academic college and university libraries throughout California. A secondary purpose is to determine if mentoring predicts job satisfaction in library employees who participate in this study. A tertiary purpose measures the relationship between mentoring, job satisfaction and the demographic variables of gender, age range, ethnicity, longevity, and level of position.

The library related literature includes an abundance of secondary resources on the individual concepts of mentoring and job satisfaction, but the association between these two concepts has not been discussed in the library literature. It is the primary intent of the researcher to use quantitative analysis to systematically review and interpret data received from online surveys sent to both librarians and library staff in order to determine the correlation between mentoring and job satisfaction for library employees.

The research method is a non-experimental quantitative design. An online pilot test will be conducted with less than 100 community college librarians and staff to make sure the survey is sound. The final online survey will then be distributed non-randomly to less than 2,000 (i.e., between 1750 – 1,999) academic library employees in California using Qualtrics software. The survey is anonymous, and informed consent will be included in the introduction to the survey. The instrument used for this research will xviii include selected statements on demographics, extant surveys on mentoring (i.e., Mentoring Functions Questionnaire – MFQ9) and job satisfaction (i.e., Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire), and author-generated questions. This study is significant because it adds to the body of original research in academic librarianship, leadership, mentoring, and job satisfaction.

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