Conscious Leadership in a Political World

Conscious Leadership in a Political World


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"In this chapter, we explore the literature on women's approach to educational leadership in the United States, examining strategies and approaches that women choose to negotiate the political, and male, world of school organizations. Building on research describing the intersection of political and nontraditional approaches to educational leadership, this chapter explores the possibilities for women's engagement with political frames, ways to define and negotiate agenda setting, to map the political terrain, networking and coalition building, and bargaining and negotiating. Moving beyond the current knowledge of the challneges and opportunities for women educational leaders in the United States (Shakeshaft et al., 2007), this chapter explores the idea of collective leadership that we see as conscious leadership in a political world. We consider what we can learn from women's approaches to leadership in a political and gendered world that nurtures a collective experience. In this chapter, we consider how the notion of leadership can be expanded by building on a women's experiences of leadership."

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Rowman & Littlefield


Lanham, MD


Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership


In Helen C. Sobehart (Ed.), Women Leading Education Across the Continents: Sharing the Spirit, Fanning the Flame. Dr. Grogan's chapter begins on page 21.


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Conscious Leadership in a Political World