Women Superintendents and Role Conceptions: (Un)Troubling the Norms

Women Superintendents and Role Conceptions: (Un)Troubling the Norms


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"The dearth of national-level research on women superintendants draws attention to the need for further study focused only on women. We hope that these findings, which give us an indication of how women conceive of the role of superintendent, will prompt others to focus on the question in further large studies. Our assertions in this chapter are grounded in our findings about superintendents from the AASA-funded Study of Women Superintendents and Central Office Administrators (Brunner & Grogan, 2003). This study is the first in history to include all women superintendents in the United States."

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Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership


In Lars G. Bjork and Theodore J. Kowalski (Eds.), The Contemporary Superintendent: Preparation, Practice, and Development. Dr. Grogan's chapter begins on page 227.

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Women Superintendents and Role Conceptions: (Un)Troubling the Norms