Librería Martínez de Chapman University: A Community-Based Initiative to Promote Literacy and Education

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"In the fall of 2012, Chapman University partnered with Martínez to promote community literacy and educational opportunities. The bookstore and art gallery, owned and run by Chapman University, is a community education and cultural center under the direction of Don Cardinal, the dean of the College of Educational Studies and faculty Anaida Colón-Muñiz and Mac Morante who spearhead and manage the educational programs and events. Staff member Mari Carmen Ceballos handles the day to day operations. Sales from the bookstore help to support a series of community education programs for adults, teens, and young children and other outreach efforts. Martínez continues to greet authors and speakers, bring guests to the bookstore, and is a member of the store’s strategic team. He is committed to the success of Librería Martínez de Chapman University."


This article was originally published in Multilingual Educator, CABE 2014 Conference Edition. Dr. Colón-Muñiz's and Dr. Curwen's article begins on page 42 of the PDF.


California Association for Bilingual Education