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The Santa Ana Youth Media Project (SAYMP) was born during the summer of 2019 and grew from a need, expressed by youth, for more critical media literacy that could further amplify and focus on narratives that reflect how youth navigate their personal, cultural-social, and economic environments. Our media projects consist of intentional participative research and journalistic designs that document stories using tools such as narrative inquiry, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) and video/media production to visually capture the narratives of youth and community within the city of Santa Ana and its larger Orange County context. Our goal is to develop a media platform where youth and community members can tell their own stories and advocate for their communities using media as a tool (Kellner & Share, 2005; Quijada Cerecer et al., 2013). The SAYMP website acts as the cornerstone of the project, housing all of the SAYMP initiatives.


This article was originally published in Ethnic Studies Pedagogies Journal, volume 1, issue 2, in 2023.

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