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The purpose of this article is to present the results of an exploratory cross-cultural validation study of a measure of contemplativity with a Chinese sample. The Scale of Contemplative Practices in Education (SCOPE) was administered to 144 Chinese college students. The results of an exploratory factor analysis accounted for 68% of the variance with a five factor structure, although high correlations among the factors indicate that a single factor may be the best current quantitative measure of contemplativity. Internal consistency estimates were strong for the full scale (.95) and adequate for the factors (.66 to .90). Higher scores on the SCOPE were found to be significantly correlated with lower academic stress (r = -.253) but not GPA (r = .094). The results are discussed in relation to comparisons found between Chinese and United States students and the potential importance of further examining contemplativity with quantitative measures.


This article was originally published in Holistic Education Review (HER), volume 3, issue 2, in 2023.

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