QAnon and the Attack of the Crafty Crazies

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"Standing firm at the fore of conspiracy theorists, QAnon adherents have made a name for themselves in this vile and desolate era of Trumpism. And, while that name is ‘C-R-A-Z-Y,’ there is no denying that QAnon has had a direct and measurable impact on American politics. In the alienation of everyday life, opportunities for passion and expression in the dissemination of lies are very real. Their aim is to make their vehemence and their de facto views known to all. However, QAnon cult members seem to believe their evidence-free accusations and in the thrall of their wide societal uptake, so do many would-be followers thirsting for adventure. That is because QAnon believers have socially constructed a complex but fragile epistemological architecture that is very different from the more rational mainstream."


This article was originally published in PESA Agora in spring 2022.


PESA Agora