Viktor Orbán, the Pimp of Putinism; Tucker Carlson’s Fascist Flirtations; and the Contradictions of ‘Traditional’ Values

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"An exceptional session of America’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is currently being held in Budapest, Hungary, the first-ever CPAC meeting held in Europe, which has been described as ‘an effort to cement bonds between the radical right on both sides of the Atlantic under the banner of the “great replacement” ideology.’ The conference is being hosted by the Centre for Fundamental Rights and the American Conservative Union. Hungary was chosen because, in the words of Viktor Orbán, its fascist president, ‘Hungary is the laboratory where we have managed to come up with the antidote for progressive dominance.’ He went on to affirm in his signature arid terminology: ‘The nation comes first: Hungary first, America first.’ ‘I see the great European population exchange as a suicidal attempt to replace the lack of European, Christian children with adults from other civilisations – migrants,’ he declared in a speech."


This article was originally published in PESA Agora in spring 2022.


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