Fascism, the Republican Party of Death, Structural Racism, QAnon, the War in Ukraine and the Coming Metaverse: Are We All Doomed?

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Spring 2022


"Some may object to the label fascism being applied to Trump because he did not create a one-party system or because he could always have institutionalised more horrific policies (perhaps torturing migrant children in addition to separating them from their parents and putting them in cages?). Encouragement of civic violence and urging his base to overthrow an election by attacking the Capitol building is, admittedly, not enough for Trump to pass the historically high watermark of being officially recognised as a fascist – at least, not if we are comparing Trumpism to Franquismo, Mussolini or Hitler. But whether or not Trump is a true fascist, or he just borrowed some motifs and ideas from fascist leaders that he admires is not as urgent an issue as the fact that he has, without question, politically mobilised fascists and emboldened neo-Nazis, white nationalists, internet trolls, groypers, neo-confederates, bikers for Trump, armed militias and sovereign citizens; he has amplified the anti-Semitic chorus against George Soros, incited violence at political rallies among his supporters such as the Proud Boys, and basked in the sanctified aura of being regarded by evangelical religious leaders as ‘chosen by God’ to lead the country back to its former glory."


This article was originally published in PESA Agora in spring 2022.


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