The Risks of Omnicide Escalate as War Intensifies in Ukraine

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Spring 2022


"Many observers of the war in Ukraine sincerely believe that they have a clear and convincing answer to why the war is being fought, what accounts for its dominant ontology of violence, and who is benefiting from the ensuing conflagration that entails grave socio-political, ethical, and environmental consequences devasting for the entire world. This war represents a foundational existential crisis of the first magnitude. It calls to question who we are as human beings and what principles guide us in our search for a more human world where we can pursue our ontological vocation of becoming more fully human, as Paulo Freire might put it. Is this war founded on some onto-metaphysical paradigm of a crazed philosophical Rasputin who administers intellectually to Putin, or is it guided by a logical and rational imperative – to defend against the imperial aggression of a Western superpower?"


This article was originally published in PESA Agora in spring 2022.


PESA Agora