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Paulo Freire completes, in 2021, a century of existence. The divisions of time in time cycles are cultural constructs and social symbologies, so, when referring to this time frame, we do not intend to substantiate historical time in a reified way, but from a dialectical movement between past and present, we seek through memories and narratives, to give rise to reflections and inquiring dialogues about Paulo Freire's legacy for transformative education. Through the eyes of the great intellectual Peter McLaren, this interview will provide tessitura of memories about the relevance of Paulo Freire's work in favor of the oppressed, of the "ragged of the world," of those who had their voice silenced and their turn subdued. For decades, McLaren has made important contributions to solidification of critical theory fostering educational policies and practices against various forms of oppression. By reframing the concept of culture and intellectuals, it produces theorizations that help to build the necessary education modes for counter-hegemonic struggles and confronting the current power dynamics of neoliberal and neoconservative policies. Its theoretical formulations have important nexuses with the thought of Paulo Freire, and, through various works, Giroux has contributed to spread Freire's theory in different countries, circulating utopias of social justice and defending the dignity of excluded and oppressed groups in a potent way.


This article was originally published in Revista Enfoques Educacionales, volume 18, issue 2, in 2021.

This interview is in Spanish.


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