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This study examines the results of the first phase of a multi-year programme to integrate the use of video to support induction coaches in a suburban school district. Seven coaches participated in a video club in which they analysed videos of both their coaching conversations and mentees’ classrooms. A typological analysis of interview and video club meeting transcripts revealed perceived benefits of participation in the video club on the coaches’ sense of professional community and the quality of coaching conversations. Coaches also noted reviewing video with mentees stimulated changes in their mentees’ classroom practice. Positioning themselves as learners learning from video alongside mentees created a more egalitarian relationship between coach and mentee. The ‘pragmatic’ professional development design privileged coaches’ autonomy and agency and emphasised developing coaching concepts rather than discrete routines. Obstacles to using video included logistical issues related to video capture as well as the time needed to establish trusting relationships with mentees. Further exploration of the video club model for teacher leader development will inform theories of teacher learning and professional development design.


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