The Fellowship of the Crooked Cross: Trump’s Evangelical Hounds of Hell

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This critical rage pedagogy article explores intersections between Alt-Right movements and Christian fundamentalist prosperity theology. Starting from The Fellowship Foundation founded in the USA in the 1930s and looking at similar and interconnected developments in various countries from South America, Africa, and Europe, the article explores theological foundations of today's worldwide ascend of fascism. Using the example of Anders Behring Breivik’s famous terrorist attack in Norway, it explores theoretical background for Alt-Right attacks on political correctness and ‘cultural Marxism’. Looking into the 'end of the world' theology and its morality, the article explains deep relationships between Christian fundamentalist prosperity theology and Israel. The article connects Christianity’s forward-looking, linear view of history with ‘end of the world’ theology and capitalism. It explores the postdigital and post-truth nature of evangelical Christians’ public communications and links them to various anti-intellectualist tendencies such as the anti-vaccination movement. Using insights from Marxism, critical pedagogy, and liberation theology, the article demystifies Christian fundamentalist theology and points towards opportunites for resistance.


This article was originally published in Postdigital Science and Education, volume 2, in 2020.

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