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Recent policy reports and standards documents advocate for science teachers to adopt more student-centered instructional practices. Four secondary science teachers from one school district participated in a semester-long video club focused on honing attention to students’ evidence-based reasoning and creating opportunities to make students’ reasoning visible in practice. Although all participants expressed value in attending to students’ ideas and shifting autonomy to students in the classroom, they experienced varying levels and types of integration in their practice. Analysis revealed that teachers’ goals and commitments influenced the incremental ways in which participants integrated learning from the video club. Sustained and substantial changes to practice likely require support through multiple cycles of shifting visions of what is possible, coupled with collaborative attempts to work through challenges of implementation.


This article was originally published in Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, volume 18, issue 1, in 2018.

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Appendix A: Participant Time Ordered Matrix for Mitch – Concerns & Obstacles

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Appendix B: Participant Time Ordered Matrix for Vincent – Concerns & Obstacles

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