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"When I speak in Mexico, I support efforts there to create a revolutionary critical pedagogy—one that has not been domesticated and depotentiated by neoliberal dogma. This means the inclusion of a decolonial pedagogy which challenges the “coloniality of power” (patron de poder colonial) that still resides at the heart of post-colonial societies. I would advise as a central, overarching goal of critical pedagogy the struggle for a socialist alternative to the “value form of labor” that exists in capitalist societies throughout North and South America, and that such efforts must be transnational in scope since capitalism is now transnational in scope. Here in the U.S. I support alternatives to property tax in funding schools. School funding and property taxes are too closely enmeshed. Almost half the funding for public elementary and secondary education comes from property tax revenue. Approximately 45 percent of public school funding is from local governments and more than 80 percent comes directly from the property tax. The federal government puts in about 9 percent of the total revenue of public schools, and 46 percent is provided by state governments. This is capitalist schooling at its worst."


This article was originally published in Iberoamérica Social in December 2019 in both English and Spanish. The download includes both versions, in that order.

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