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Winter 1999


"Despite the historic defeat of Marxism and constant attempts by so-called progressive educators to exorcize any residual Marxist discourse from the literature on multiculturalism, the contradictions of capital playing themselves out in the theater of contemporary social relations are beckoning Marx's spectre to return and further trouble those theories proclaiming that the "end of ideology" is upon us and that all we need to do in order to rescue humanity is to heed the clarion call of diversity. Too often overlooked in the debates over multiculturalism at present engulfing the academy are the myriad ways in which globalization is shaping how race, class, gender, and sexuality are being defined and lived. This is especially true in an era in which the global marketplace is becoming alarmingly depoliticized. We wish to sketch out in broad strokes some of the implications that result from challenging the dis-articulation of capitalism from its position in the discourse of traditional multiculturalism, and transcoding it within an approach we call "revolutionary multiculturalism," by re-posing the issue of globalization and capitalist exploitation in relation to the debates over identity and difference."


This article was originally published in Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, volume 15, issue 4, in 1999.

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