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Denied the right to recognize patterns of violence and their relationship to class and specifically to the capitalist mode of production through an institutionalized historical amnesia, we live our lives as mere passengers on a train that stops at death’s door. In the self-proclaimed greatest super power, the United States, the mythical alliance to democracy serves to obfuscate its systematic plundering of life and earth in service to the transnational capitalist class. We have been brainwashed through state and corporate-sponsored lies, myth, and a national zealotry to forget and continue to repeat the atrocities of our past. We have been plucked out of history by design and have developed a narcissism that ensures our primary concern is to ourselves and a willingness always to blame the Other and accept world suffering, so long as it ‘protects our way of life.’


This article was originally published in Knowledge Cultures, volume 4, issue 6, in 2016.

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