Contesting Capital: Critical Pedagogy and Globalism: A Response to Mike Apple

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"Michael Apple (this issue) offers a perceptive diagnosis of the new power bloc committed to neo-liberal marketized solutions to educational problems... I could not agree with Apple more that writers in critical pedagogy, in focusing mainly on school organization and classroom techniques(i.e., surveillance and social control), have ignored the most crucial aspects of the problem: the "exogenous, socioeconomic features" of educational restructuring under global capitalism and its twin, neoliberalism. In fact, it is a point that I have been trying to make for some time now (see McLaren,1995, 1997, 1998, McLaren et al., 1998) and in the brief remarks here I want to follow and emphasize this theme in the interest of creating what Apple calls a "counterhegemonic alliance"."


This article was originally published in Current Issues in Comparative Education, volume 1, issue 2, in 1999.


Teachers College, Columbia University