Slavoj Zizek’s Naked Politics: Opting for the Impossible, A Secondary Elaboration

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Summer 2003


"Rather than offer a formal point-counterpoint response to Slavoj Zizek's vertiginous pronouncements (on just about everything, it seems), I'd like to respond to just a few themes touched on in his JAC interview with Gary Olson and Lynn Worsham. In doing so, I'll pay close attention to Zizek's overall political project, which he defines as decidedly "anti-capitalist." In particular, I'll examine his treatment of concepts such as ideology, capitalism, and class struggle (which betray a lineage that can be traced directly to Marx) in the context of current attempts to rethink Marxist revolutionary praxis."


This article was originally published in Journal of Advanced Composition Quarterly, volume 21, issue 3, in 2003.

Reprinted in Michael Peters, Colin Lankshear, Mark Olssen (Eds.) Futures of Critical Theory: Dreams of Difference. New York: Rowman and Littlefield, 2003.