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Recent works by students of contemporary ritual (or "ritologists," as Ronald Grimes calls them) supports the notion that ritual is an important variable not just in tribal culture but also in modern industrial culture. I'm referring to studies that have been undertaken by such ardent ritual exegetes as Roy Rappaport, Barbara Myerhoff, Ronald Grimes, Robert Bocock, Sally Falk Moore, and Richard Schechner. Grimes has begun the important work of consolidating research on ritual; he has taken a field of scholarship which was doggedly parochial and helped to expand it into a protoscience of its own. (1) The work of these academicians, and others, has convinced me that ritual- when critically understood- can serve as an exceedingly profitable aid in the analysis and evaluation of contemporary cultural forms."


This article was originally published in ETC: A Review of General Semantics, volume 41, issue 3, in 1984.

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