Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

Theatre for Development: “The Wanna Be”

Joshua Dominguez, Chapman University

Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.


The college experience in American culture is a popular topic that is being questioned throughout the media. It is being questioned on a weekly basis in today’s media and brings to light issues that have not been questioned for decades. Some of the main issues such as diversity within institutions, the "Greek System", and sexual assault are all being spotlighted and widely advertised as problems that need focusing on putting an end to. This new era of college students are being challenged to recognize these heavy, yet important issues that are effecting campuses across the nation. Through Theatre for Development and three art forms: Spoken word, Hip-Hop, and Theatre; I plan on creating a show that both educates and stimulates an interest in self-reflection, emotional and mental growth, masculinity and feminist culture, methods of Interpretive Sociology, and methods of Evolutionary Psychology within the world of a college student. A few of these disciplines will be used as a way to portray the story and some of these disciplines stand as evidence that helps one define and build a self-identity. I will then go through an interdisciplinary studies process by which I will use scene work to express and portray real student experiences and highlight social issues through the art of Spoken Word, song or rap to help keep audiences engaged and entertained. Dr. Ananda Breed, co-director of the Centre for Performing Arts Development research centre, defines Theatre for Development as" egalitarian method to access and distill information, working with communities to create a self-sustaining tool for dialogue and from that dialogue to affect policy." (Breed 1).