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Andrea Molle


This project will involve the current problem of nuclear development in the nation of Iran. The question involved in the election studies was, “Should we try to stop Iranian Nuclear Development by increasing sanctions, yes or no?” According to the US Department of State website, they are attempting to increase these sanctions against individuals or cooperations who can be proven to have provided aid, information, or mechanical aspects to assist the goal of Iranian nuclear proliferation. The website provides identifying information for the individuals involved. The answer to this question I believe will be determined the amount of news information the individual has access to each day, whether it be from the news television, news paper, or online. Another aspect to be considered is what kind of sources they are receiving their news from, certain programs may place less importance on this issue than others, thereby making this appear as though it is not as large an issue while retrospectively certain programs may be placing extreme amounts of focus on this topic. Ultimately, I believe hypothesis to be, “If an individual receives news from some type of source daily, then they will vote yes on this topic.”


Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.