Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Spring 5-1-2024

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Dr. Julye Bidmead


We must examine women's contributions to society to comprehend women's roles and significance in ancient Mesopotamia. Women's roles in society and civilization are still frequently overlooked, both then and now. We must not ignore the importance of women's performance throughout history in these societies. Instead, we need to recognize these achievements made by women in the fields of politics, economic standpoints, and family life. We can distinguish the experiences of women in ancient Mesopotamia and contrast them with those of women in modern society by using textual sources and comparative analysis and research. Ancient writings, artwork, and literature can be helpful in determining how women were viewed in this society, as well as in gaining a deeper comprehension of the daily lives that they led and the required duties. I hope that a more comprehensive knowledge of gender dynamics in ancient societies will emerge from careful examination of a variety of sources and circumstances. This allows for the revelation of trends in women's positions and duties throughout Mesopotamia's various eras and time periods. This will allow for critical new perspectives on the general patterns of gender relations in Mesopotamia and the modern-day age.


Presented at the Spring 2024 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

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