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Fall 11-29-2023

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Jocelyn Buckner


My thesis aims to highlight traditionally underrepresented theatre artists. I wish to dive deeply into the many backstage, or “veiled” workers, who continue to go unacknowledged. Why is there an aspect of “veiled” theatre created to stay hidden? Even in technical theatre, some specialties receive more credit or recognition than others. For example, the Tony Awards offer categories for direction, sound, light, costume, and scenic design, yet no award for stage management. How are institutions working to create more representation in an intentionally hidden space? This project will specifically focus on the representation of stage managers, arguably the most invisible and the most important people in a production. While covering the role and responsibilities of a stage manager, I will investigate why stage managers are so often overlooked and even expected to go unnoticed. Many theatrical practitioners often refer to the adage that “a stage manager did their job well if you never noticed something went wrong.” Is it true that the absence of conflict is the only quality to determine excellence in stage management, or is the impact of an excellent stage manager simply taken for granted? My thesis will explore the realm of dedicated theatre artists who continue to experience underrepresentation in their field.


Presented at the Fall 2023 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

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