Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Fall 11-29-2023

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. LouAnne Boyd


Social stigma is a complex manifestation that affects humanity, particularly individuals with disabilities and other marginalized groups, including those with physical, cognitive, and emotional conditions. Society often judges these individuals' interactions with the world, and many technologies designed to assist those with disabilities attempt to change their daily interactions and behaviors. Nonetheless, when the emphasis is placed on validating disabled identities, there is a potential for it to be seen as "inspiration porn." This approach might inadvertently reduce inclusivity and do little to challenge negative stereotypes; it can also lead to the objectification of individuals with disabilities. Therefore, this project presents the notion of "Celebratory Technologies for Neurodiversity," which aims to promote inclusivity and empower stigmatized individuals. This concept strives to level the playing field, rather than serving as a solitary source of inspiration for nondisabled observers. In this context, a Figma diagram and a user survey were created using Maze to gather feedback from students at Chapman University on the concept of Celebratory Technology. This valuable input will help refine and develop Celebratory Technologies for Neurodiversity, drawing upon social change frameworks, principles of the Neurodiversity movement, and insights from marginalized groups on how to reduce stigma. The Figma prototype introduces Celebratory Technology in the form of a colorful visual representation of the participants’ answers to a personality survey, with the goal of showcasing users from different backgrounds and identities in an abstract way. This in turn has a goal of celebrating uniqueness and individuality without implementing labels or alienation. This project serves as a preliminary step in introducing Celebratory Technology and aims to expand the conversation of ways to mitigate social stigma. Initial suggestions for creating supportive Celebratory Technologies for Neurodiversity are provided in this project.


Presented at the Fall 2023 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.