Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Spring 5-4-2023

Faculty Advisor(s)

Micol Hebron


This piece was created in attempts to show others about all the wonder opportunities Chapman has to offer, using different photoshop features.


Presented at the Spring 2023 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

From the artist:

"Now being a senior and getting ready to graduate this May, I’ve been doing a lot more self reflecting recently. This project has allowed me to realize how many amazing, great things have happened to me over the years. I know my past self would be proud of who I’ve become today. I’m currently nervous, yet excited for what the future holds; however, I know it’ll be good. Through all of this, I wanted to showcase how my life journey has helped me learn the significance of loving life. I am forever grateful for the opportunities Chapman has given me and the people who have supported me."

Download from off-campus (Chapman ID required)