Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Spring 5-2022

Faculty Advisor(s)

Micol Hebron


This collage is meant to tell a story about a few major events in my life in the past few years in an artistic and visually stimulating way. To begin, I used two of my favorite landscape photographs I’ve taken as the background and foreground for the collage, which created a surrealistic yet coherent base. Then, I used clouds from another photograph I’ve taken as well as a freeze frame from one of my skateboard tricks and added them into the top left. This is the first event of my life I wanted to convey, and it describes how I feel like I’m in the clouds when I skateboard. Next, I wanted to include perhaps the biggest event of my life, which was studying abroad in Hawaii during my first semester of college. To do so, I paired a picture of me in Hawaii with a png of the Hawaii islands. Then, I added my most recent big life event, which was purchasing my own first car. I found a picture of a car from the internet and inverted its colors, as well as cutting a hole in the background and putting the car in it to make it look like it was breaking through the background. I took a selfie of myself to add to the car to make it look like I was driving. I also used the sunset from another photograph I’ve taken to place onto the windshield of the car. Finally, I included some funny pictures of my dogs in the foreground, orienting one so it looks like he is eating the car coming out from behind the background. Lastly, I added some extra flowers, leaves, and a drawing which balanced the image and made it more interesting.


Presented at the Spring 2022 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.