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Jocelyn Buckner


As a theatre technology major with an emphasis in Stage Management I am interested in pursuing a carrier as a Stage Manager. However, I do not have a set company, place, or even type of production I would like to work for.

In this paper I will explore the qualifications and skills needed to be a professional Stage Manager for different types of productions. I will provide information about Stage Managers working on cruise ships, touring productions, music concerts, traditional theatrical productions, and non-traditional productions. I will research the certifications that are required and recommended for these positions, the experience I still need to acquire, and the positions I can pursue in order to currently build my resume for more ambitious jobs. I will also interview professionals currently working in some of these roles to learn the skills they use, the types of jobs they work, and how they were able to receive their current position. I will research the financial requirements of extra certifications or possible degrees I may need to gain before applying to specific jobs.

This will allow me to form realistic short-term and long-term goals about carrier options for when I graduate college. By the end of this process I will have a clear goal for after graduation about which jobs to apply for and what I may have to work on to become a more appealing candidate for them.


Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.