Student Scholar Symposium Abstracts and Posters

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Publication Date

Fall 12-1-2021

Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Polly Hodge


In this project, it is postulated that during and after Francisco Franco's dictatorial regime, Franco's strict rules affected both flamenco dancing and the films Carlos Saura created. This paper explores how flamenco dance was implemented into his Nationalist agenda and in movies by Saura, and also how Saura created films (without flamenco dance) that criticized Franco because of his censorship of films during his authoritarian regime. Interestingly enough, Franco considered flamenco dancing a part of the Spanish national identity, so he encouraged it during his reign, and it also influenced other industries in Spain, such as film. The two famous films by Carlos Saura that are researched in this project are, Blood Wedding (1981) and Sweet Hours (1982). These films artistically articulate the significant cultural impact of Francoist Spain, and how flamenco dancing became a very important role in Saura's films. Franco had control over all aspects of culture in Spain and was not a supporter of the work Saura was doing, except when Saura integrated flamenco dancing in his films. It is evident that flamenco dance and Carlos Saura's films were integral parts of Spanish culture, and they were heavily impacted by the Franco regime.


Presented at the virtual Fall 2021 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.