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LouAnne Boyd


Food restrictions pose a serious issue for Chapman students, with consequences as extreme as anaphylactic shock and death. Our team started the Food Scan project with a simple goal of streamlining how individuals with dietary restrictions find safe places to eat or buy food. The project name highlights our intention to clarify restaurant menu items for users by displaying important allergen and dietary information. Using Human-Computer Interaction methods, our team chose to develop a technology that is usable, effective, enjoyable, and inclusive by involving users during the entire design process. By integrating multimodal interfaces (including speech to text inputs), we strive to make our application accessible to a highly diverse group of people. Our team strives to create enjoyable user experiences through throwaway-prototyping, a process that involves conceptual models that may eventually be discarded, in order to quickly test our UI with users. We conducted our first research survey on a sample of 29 potential users, with only 17.2% claiming to have a dietary restriction. Despite the small number of people affected by dietary restrictions, 89.6% of our research participants described an interest in previewing the restaurant menu before going to a restaurant, supporting the need for an app like Food Scan.


Presented at the Fall 2019 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

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