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Jocelyn Buckner


Art appeals to the audience by delivering a message that results in a social change. Regardless of which form it is, it is the “means [by] which a society reminds itself of the stories it wants to remember.” The year of 2014 has seen a series of unexpected accidents worldwide that used arts to incite an issue. For instance, there was a tragic accident in South Korea that resulted sinking a ferry that carried 476 people. Among them were 300 high school students that were on their way to the field trip. From this accident, there were nearly 300 lives lost and only 172 people rescued. The rest have not been found yet and are still in search. This tragic accident has enraged all citizens in South Korea whether they are related to the victims or not. In response, anonymous artists started to spread their own art works to help people better understand the accident. There were mostly visual art forms created to find the truth behind this tragedy and in remembrance of the victims. I believe this tactic was a success in rapidly progressing the people’s interest and support that has accelerated a social change. I too, argue that the innocent lives have been taken due to the lax security of the country and the society we live in that is full of irresponsible adults. Thus, in this thesis, I will be creating a music video in remembrance of the victims and those that are responsible of this tragedy.


Presented at the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Day at Chapman University.