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Spring 5-2019

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Dr. Miguel Zavala


I am interested in investigating the question: How does experience, in a Latinx environment, affect the “coming out” process for queer, Latinx, men? Additionally, the aim of this research is to discover whether Queer Latinx peoples retain their cultural identity/consciousness or abandon it. This project is relevant to analyze whether Latinx culture impacts peoples to abstain from or retain their cultural identity/consciousness. I also hope that this research can prove whether an amalgamation of standpoint theory and Situated Knowledge can come together to affect the process of (re)claiming identity; as the Latinx man claims their sexual identity. This research aims to analyze if queer Latinxs reclaim their cultural identity. I hope that this research can expand upon the ideas of theories like assimilation, cultural retention, and identity/consciousness. I would like to note that, unfortunately, I will have to limit my research to the biological sex of male(s), as this topic has not been explored from a male perspective (Acosta. “How Could You Do This To Me?”). The purpose of this research is to encourage others to look into this phenomenon, rather than to establish my own theory, and to inform others of the processes involved in "coming out" and help queer individuals to navigate their experience.


Presented at the Spring 2019 Student Scholar Symposium at Chapman University.

This is an exploratory research project that will later be expanded upon.

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